How to Receive Bitcoin Tips on Twitter Via Lightning Network

Have you noticed all the tweets suggesting that people join so they can be tipped on Twitter? Maybe you’ve been the recipient of one of these tweets. They often feature a taco and look like this:

Lightning network allows for very fast and low cost payments in Bitcoin. This makes it perfect for tipping on Twitter. It is very easy for your reader to click the tip button and scan the code. So, how do you set it up?

Set up your Account

Setting up an account is easy and fast, all you need is a Twitter account! In order to set up your account, simply go to their homepage. Click the button “Join Now.”

Just Click Join Now to setup your tip jar
Just Click Join Now to setup your tip jar

This will bring you to a page where you can sign up with Twitter, go ahead and do it. Authorize the app. You’re done. People can now tip you via

To check your balance, go back to the homepage and log in with Twitter. It will ask you to authorize again and it’ll bring you to your dashboard. Easy enough.

Add the Tag to your site

If you have a blog or website, you can easily include the address of your tipjar on your site. Go to the “your web button” link and copy paste the javascript snippet to your site. It’ll look like this:

Go ahead and try it. By scanning the QR code with your Lightning Network Enabled Wallet (Try using Eclair Mobile) you can sent us a quick tip right now. Seriously – 100 satoshi doesn’t even cost a penny!

About the Project

For now, is being run by a single developer. It is in Beta – so use it at your own risk. Generally the tips are small, But know that until any money you have collected is safely in your own bitcoin wallet, you don’t control it.